We always try to make learning English easier. At English in Levels s.r.o. we are currently working on the following projects.


a)     Active projects

News in Levels www.newsinlevels.com – a special English website that helps students improve their reading and listening skills. Students can read and listen to world news in three levels of difficulty. If students use News in Levels on a daily basis, they can improve their reading and listening skills in a short period of time.

English Restartwww.englishrestart.com – a program for students who want to know how to be really successful in learning English. You will learn basic rules which you need to know if you want to learn English fast and effectively. The program will teach you simple techniques for learning English.

People in Levels  www.peopleinlevels.com – Meet the stories of people learning English.

English in Shop  www.englishinshop.com – an online shop that offers products for students of English. These products can help students improve their listening and reading skills.

Speak in Levelswww.speakinlevels.com –  this project offers you the LIST of PEOPLE WHO WANT to SPEAK or WRITE with you via Skype or email.

Robinson Crusoe  – robinsoncrusoe.newsinlevels.com (L3) / robinsoncrusoe2.newsinlevels.com (L2) – an audio book that is written for Level 2 and 3. Read one chapter or more every day. You can learn English fast when you read a lot.

Jokes in Levels – www.jokesinlevels.com – funny and interesting jokes for all students of English in three levels of difficulty. Jokes in English can be used as an educational and teaching tool.

Videos in Levelswww.videosinlevels.com – We know that everybody can understand English. We have many videos for you. The videos are in six levels of difficulty. You can choose your level and your can watch videos in English.

Grammar for Speakingwww.grammarforspeaking.com – Do you have problems with English grammar?
We are here to help you. Watch our videos.



Jak se učit anglicky (CZECH version only)www.jakseucitanglicky.cz – Máte problémy naučit se anglicky?
Učíte se několik let, ale stále se nedomluvíte? Sledujte naše videa a naučte se jak se konečně naučit anglicky. Máme pro vás řešení.

Anglická gramatika pro mluvení (CZECH version only)www.anglickagramatikapromluveni.cz – Máte problémy s anglickou gramatikou? Máte zmatek v časech? Nevíte, jak je správně používat? Sledujte naše videa a udělejte si pořádek v anglické gramatice.


b)    Under development

Game of English  –  learn English by playing a game




About us:

English in Levels s.r.o.www.englishinlevels.com

We are a global company. We specialize in preparing English teaching materials. We want to show all students that it is easy to learn English. Our main goal is to help students learn English fast and effectively by using the language instead of hard studying.

We work on many project. Some of them are well established and some of them are still under development. We welcome new ideas on how we could help students of English even more. We will be happy to cooperate with anyone who is interested in helping others learn English.