What is your level?


This is a simple test. The test will show the level of your vocabulary in one minute.


You will read 15 words. Count for yourself how many of these words you know.

The words are: book, tree, boat, card, branch, flower, wheel, river, bird, column, rope, pillow, root, hook, candle.


Now, multiply the number of words which you knew by 200 and you will get a number. This number shows how many words you know in English. For example: If you knew 11 words out of 15, you know about 2200 words.

If you know 0-1000 words, read news for Level 1.

If you know 1000-2000 words, read news for Level 2.

If you know 2000-3000 words, read news for Level 3.


If you want to read interesting articles in your level, please click here.


Speak in Levels