15 English questions for November 2018

15 English questions for November 2018
Do you ever feel jealous of your friends?
Do you think governments should spend lots more money looking for signs of UFOs in the universe?
Do you ever think you have too many things to finish on time?

Do you worry about writing exams?
What pronunciation problems do learners of your language have?
What happy memories do you have of your birthday parties?

How does you’re country punish minors?
What’s the worst taxi drive you’ve ever had?
What is a “birthday suit” and why is it called so?

What do you think of the poetry from other countries and cultures?
Do you see beauty in the English language?

Do you take an interest in what the temperature will be like in the days ahead?
What are the milestone birthdays in your country?

If you were to write a poem right now, what would your subject be?
Have you ever threatened your children with punishment?

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