Questions for April 2020

Questions for April 2020
1What is peace of mind and inner peace?
2Do you have any wild and crazy stories from your youth?
3How does the Internet work?
4What do you think of people who use their mobile telephone while driving?
5What image do you have of people who study literature at university?
6Do you like watching children paint?
7What impossible quiz question would you like to add to a quiz?
8Is travel helping the world?
9Do you prefer watching a play at the theatre or a movie at the movie theatre (cinema)?
10Why do tobacco company ads always have healthy-looking young people smoking in beautiful places?
11Would you like to work in radio?
12Are you a traveller?
13What’s the thing you hated most about your youth?
14Would you prefer to be a wildlife photographer or a fashion photographer?
15Do you like going to a city to watch a marathon?
16Do you like doing quizzes in English?

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