Questions for August 2020

Questions for August 2020
1Did you enjoy studying literature at school?
2Would you like to perform or act on stage at the theatre?
3What are the pros and cons of traveling first class and backpacking?
4What is your favourite Internet site?
5Do you like doing writing activities in class?
6Have you ever quizzed anyone whose story you didn’t believe?
7What makes environmental problems?
8Do you think theatre tickets are reasonably priced?
9Is juvenile crime on the increase in your country?
10Do you think everyone who dies rests in peace?
11Which nationalities are best at marathons and why?
12Is running a marathon a big achievement?
13What does peace mean to you?
14Would you prefer to run in the Great Wall of China Marathon, the Great Tibetan Marathon or the Polar Circle Marathon?
15Do you like the feeling of the sun on your skin?
16Have you ever been emotionally moved because of a painting?

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