Questions for December 2020

Questions for December 2020
1Do you ever think writing activities are a waste of time?
2Could the Internet have a better name?
3PlayStation, X-Box or Nintendo Wii – which is best and why?
4Have you ever taken a risk with money and it paid off?
5Is organized crime a big problem in your country?
6What’s the worst taxi drive you’ve ever had?
7Would you buy an adaptor to add radio to your iPod?
8Do you ever get tired of the sun?
9What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘travel’?
10Would you like a career in photography?
11Where are the no-smoking areas in your town?
12Do you think taxi drivers should know every road?
13Have you ever been to the theatre in another country?
14Do you ever get tired of filling out your passport details?
15Do you think father are the same all around the world?
16Have you ever taken a taxi that took the long way round?

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