Questions for July 2020

Questions for July 2020
1Should father stay at home and look after the kids?
2How would you explain to someone who doesn’t know what global warming is?
3Do you always make sure the meter is on in the taxi?
4Do you agree that you can never be too old to start something new?
5What things would you be afraid of in the jungle?
6Are you happy with the way your father raised you?
7What’s the difference between FM and AM radio?
8How do the risks in our life change as we move through childhood to old age?
9Why do taxi driver’s always talk about the weather?
10What do you use the Internet for?
11What are the dangers to passports?
12What aspects of today’s youth make you hopeful about the future?
13How important is it for you to vote?
14Do you think there is a system that is better than everyone having to carry a passport every time they travel?
15How would the world be different if smoking was suddenly banned?
16Why do prices vary so much from store to store when you buy things like electronics?

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