Questions for March 2020

Questions for March 2020
1 Do you mind being asked your age?
2 Do you think all Nobel Peace prize winners deserved their award?
3 What do you least like (like most) about getting older?
4 How would a person’s life change if he/she won a gold medal at the Olympics?
5 What do you think of the Apple phone?
6 What do you think of the Volvo car?
7 Which do you think is worse, desertification or noise pollution?
8 How would you feel if all the pandas died and became extinct?
9 What three adjectives would you use to describe today’s youth?
10 When can you say, “It’s a crime to do nothing”?
11 Is the topic important when you do a writing activity?
12 If you invested money, would you be cautious and spread your risks, or be adventurous and invest in high-risk investments?
13 Have you ever listened to a radio show from another country? What did you think?
14 How important is peace to you?
15 Do you think you’d do well in a quiz about the English language?
16 Why don’t governments ban smoking if it causes so many health problems?

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