Questions for May 2020

Questions for May 2020
1Do you think you could survive in the jungle?
2Do you think being a father is more difficult than being a mother?
3Many young children are now using addictive drugs. What do you think about this?
4Is your society ageist?
5What’s the best piece of advice your father has given you?
6Why is an environmental problem a problem?
7What are the good and bad things about voting?
8What do you think of the idea of sitting on a sun drenched beach for a few weeks?
9Have you voted in elections that are not just about politics?
10How can governments reduce crime?
11What do you think of the way people vote in other countries?
12What do you think of modern literature?
13Would you like to work with kangaroos – studying them, photographing them, helping protect them etc?
14Do you think taking quizzes can help your English?
15Do you think a career in photography would be interesting?
16Is it easy to get a passport in your country?

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