Questions for October 2020

Questions for October 2020
1What’s the secret to taking a good photograph?
2Why and how did your mother fall in love with your father?
3What do you think of children’s literature?
4Does being able to vote mean your country is democratic?
5Would you like to travel in space or to the moon?
6Would you like to work as an anti-narcotics police officer?
7Do you like watching morning TV shows or listening to morning radio shows?
8Do you vote every time you can?
9What do you think when you see a pregnant woman smoking?
10Is travel an education?
11What things are important for a writing activity to be successful?
12What do you like doing in the morning?
13How much is a passport in your country? Do you think they should be free?
14What is hate crime?
15What’s the best brand of mobile phone?
16Do you protect yourself from the sun?

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