Questions for September 2020

Questions for September 2020
1 Do you prefer writing with a pen or a keyboard?
2 What punishment do you think drug barons should get?
3 What kinds of paintings do you have in your house?
4 Do you think people will always be interested in the theatre?
5 Is the marathon gold the best medal to win in an Olympics games?
6 How many and how much of the world’s jungles will still be there in a hundred years from now?
7 Do you think animals are angry with humans for destroying the Earth?
8 What do you think about the new biometric passports?
9 Would you like to work in the travel industry?
10 Are you a morning person?
11 Do you think Internet prices of goods should be cheaper than retail prices in stores?
12 What do you think of real estate prices?
13 What’s the difference between a test, an exam and a quiz?
14 What does smoking do to your health?
15 Do you know a lot about photography?
16 Do you think most radio stations play the same old boring music?