17 English questions for August 2018

17 English questions for August 2018
1 Is there a time of the day or week you feel like a zombie?
2 What are your earliest memories of a zoo?
3 What animals have disappeared from your country?
4 Do you know any good websites to practice pronunciation?
5 Do you think it’s possible there are UFOs and the world’s governments are keeping it a secret?
6 If you were a zombie, what would you do with your life (death)?
7 Do you ever regret eating something after eating it?
8 What do you think when you see men walking on the moon or astronauts doing space walks?
9 Which sites of famous people would you like to join?
10 Do you ever feel jealous of your friends?
11 Do you think governments should spend lots more money looking for signs of UFOs in the universe?
12 Do you ever think you have too many things to finish on time?
13 If you spent six months in space, what would you do first when you came back to Earth?
14 Do you think the sun has healing powers?
15 Do you think creative writing is good for you?
16 What things do you do every year?
17 Isn’t social networking just a fancy name for meeting people and keeping in touch?