Questions for February 2020

Questions for February 2020
1 Do you sing the song “Happy Birthday” in your country?
2 Poet William Wordsworth said: “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” Do/Can you do this?
3 What’s it like to be a citizen of your country?
4 What beauty can you see around you now?
5 Do you always make sure the meter is on in the taxi?
6 Do you think their should be human exhibits in zoos, living in caged houses?
7 What small personal item would you take with you on a journey into space?
8 Would you like to have your own business?
9 How would our world change if we received regular visits from UFOs?
10 What would you do today if a war broke out in your country tomorrow?
11 If you were offered a job to be an astronaut, would you take it?
12 Who would be your business hero?
13 Do you ever get really angry with yourself?
14 Do you ever wonder what life is all about?
15 What can poetry teach us about life?
16 Does getting on in years mean getting older or doing well in life?
17 How would you define business?