17 English questions for July 2018

17 English questions for July 2018
1 Do you ever get tired of the sun?
2 Do you have problems with linking different sounds?
3 Are you a good writer in your own language?
4 Are you a cold, cool, warm or hot temperature person?
5 Would a book titled “A year in the life of [your name] be a good book?
6 What kind of people are good at business
7 Do you worry about writing exams?
8 What pronunciation problems do learners of your language have?
9 What happy memories do you have of your birthday parties?
10 Do you ever check the temperature in your house?
11 Are social networking sites changing our daily behaviour?
12 Do you protect yourself from the sun?
13 Do you think taxi drivers should know every road?
14 Do you think animals know they are in zoos?
15 Do you ever want to throw all your clothes away and start your wardrobe again?
16 Do you have a favourite movie about the sun?
17 Would you prefer to start a “bricks ‘n’ mortar” business or an Internet business?