17 English questions for February 2024

17 English questions for February 2024
1 Do you think writing will disappear in the future, once computers can recognize and write down everything you say?
2 Which country do you think will be first to send astronauts to Mars?
3 Have you ever taken a taxi that took the long way round?
4 What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘war’?
5 What do you think will happen to the world’s temperature over the next few decades?
6 Do you know people who turn on the air-con or heater when you think the temperature is great?
7 Is it better to sit in the back of the taxi or in the passenger seat?
8 Can you easily pronounce all of the sounds in English?
9 What’s it like sitting here and doing this activity with me?
10 What’s it like to be at your level of English?
11 Why are people so fascinated by UFOs?
12 If you were to write a poem right now, what would your subject be?
13 Have you ever threatened your children with punishment?
14 Are you a walking zombie if you have next to no sleep?
15 What writing skills do you need to be able to write well?
16 Is exercise a form of punishment?
17 Is it OK to use animals in sport?