17 English questions for November 2023

17 English questions for November 2023
1 Are social networking sites dangerous?
2 What do you know about zombies?
3 What do you think of the idea of sitting on a sun drenched beach for a few weeks?
4 Do you think the beauty industry is important?
5 Are you good at networking face to face?
6 What did you do on your last birthday?
7 Would you like to study zoology?
8 Do you agree with letting people off from punishment?
9 Do you think poetry is too much like hard work?
10 What’s it like studying English?
11 What are your early memories of UFOs? Were you scared?
12 What is poetry?
13 Should children be allowed to use social networking sites?
14 What kind of office would you like?
15 What advice would you give to other students who want to improve their pronunciation?
16 What do you think of the system of charging people with war crimes?
17 What do you think corporal punishment is? Is it OK?