17 English questions for May 2018

17 English questions for May 2018
1Do you prefer reading, listening, speaking or writing lessons?
2What do you think zombies chat about when they get together?
3What’s it like to be your best friend?
4What is a war dance and who does (used to do) them?
5Do you ever think you have bad luck?
6Have you ever seen a UFO?
7Do you ever type LOL (laugh out loud) when really you aren’t laughing?
8Do you ever punish yourself? What for?
9What’s it like being you?
10Do you like taxis?
11Are there zombies (of any kind) in your culture?
12Do you think there’d be fewer wars if all countries were ruled by women?
13Would you prefer to meet new people at a party or online?
14How do you think current wars could be stopped?
15Do you have any good UFO stories?
16What would you do if you woke up one morning and all of the people in your town were zombies?
17Should politicians be punished if they break their promises?

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