17 English questions for October 2018

17 English questions for October 2018
1 What’s it like outside?
2 What can you get done in a year?
3 In what ways is working a form of punishment?
4 What makes your blood boil?
5 What is social networking?
6 Do you think different races have different perceptions of what beauty is?
7 What are the good things and bad things about zoos?
8 What business skills do you have?
9 What could we do instead of punishing people?
10 Do you think about your beauty?
11 What is your favorite animal?
12 What’s it like studying English?
13 What are your early memories of UFOs? Were you scared?
14 What is poetry?
15 What’s it like to be a citizen of your country?
16 What beauty can you see around you now?
17 Do you like taxis?