18 English questions for January 2024

18 English questions for January 2024

Why is rock and roll called rock and roll?

Would you like to visit Romania, or live there?

Do you think robots will ever have emotions or be able to love?

Are you afraid of young people in your country?

Who are the most famous Rwandan people you know?

Is there a difference between senility and senile dementia?

What’s the worst barbecue you’ve been to?

Are bank workers always helpful?

Would you buy a “how to kiss” video?

Is black always fashionable?

Are you angry when people do things without your knowledge?

What tips on learning would you give to other people?

Are you directly affected by any social issues?

What answers do you have to a social issue?

Do you think the Bible is interesting?

What is the difference between the old and new testaments and which one is more important?

How often do you lie?

Did London Bridge really fall down?