Questions for August 2019

Questions for August 2019

Do you think abbreviations and acronyms are useful?

Should animals be kept in zoos?

What animal do you least like?

What do you think about Argentine people?

What do you do while having breakfast?

Do you like having breakfast in bed?

How much of a barrier do you think language is?

Have you ever broken or injured a leg?

How important is laughter?

How often do you sin?

Are there any twenty-first century sins?

What is Serbia most famous for?

What do you think of the idea of monarchy?

What questions would you like to ask a monarch?

What do you think of cosmetics?

Which cosmetics and cosmetics companies are best?

Do you think speaking activities are important? Why?

Do you ever think speaking activities are a waste of time?

Do you think you need a speaking activity in every class?

How useful are computers to you?

Do you think it’s cool to be a nerd or computer geek?

What do you think your mental health will be like in the future?

What makes Southeast Asia Southeast Asian?