Questions for May 2019

Questions for May 2019

What are the most popular forms of alcohol in your country?

Do you think aliens are likely to be friendly or unfriendly?

Do you think jails work?

What do you know about Iraqi politics?

What do you think ‘information economics’ is?

What’s the latest information?

Are you sad when Ramadan is over?

When is radio better than television?

Which country makes the best movies?

How can you avoid quarreling about money?

Is religion always a good thing?

What things do you think humans first started researching?

What is your favourite restaurant and why?

What’s the longest you’d wait for a restaurant table?

What do you know about Rwandan history?

What human characteristics does the colour red represent?

What makes a joke funny?

What do you think a career in journalism would be like?

Which “ism” is worse, sexism or racism?

When is it that you are really in complete and utter silence?

What laws do you tend to ignore?

What has North and South Korea given to the world?

What languages do you like or dislike the sound of?

What is the most confusing language in the world?

Why are selfies so popular?

Do you like photos of yourself? Why?

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