Questions for September 2019

Questions for September 2019

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘immigration’?

Is immigration good or bad?

Do you have a favorite acting performance?

Why do people send junk mail?

Do you think junk mail will ever disappear?

Are you good at recycling things?

What kinds of things do you think cannot be recycled?

How do they make artificial snow?

Is snow necessary to have a real Christmas?

Is there too much hype in marketing?

How much of marketing is lying?

Do animals prefer mornings?

When does morning start and end?

What is a good student?

Which is better, being a student or being a worker?

Do you like going to summer festivals?

Would you like it to be summer forever?

Are stereotypes usually accurate?

Are stereotypes usually accurate?

What comes to mind when you hear of the city Sydney?