Questions for September 2021

Questions for September 2021
  • What was the longest match in your life
  • Would you panic if your plane had a problem?
  • Have you ever swum in your clothes?
  • Have you ever experienced an earthquake?
  • Do you visit museums?
  • Do you have a gun at home?
  • Are you scared of sharks?
  • Have you ever protested?
  • Is skydiving dangerous?
  • Are bitcoins a good idea?
  • Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  • Do you like honey?
  • Do you know any deaf people?
  • Do you like diving?
  • Are the police well-paid in your country?
  • Do you watch documentaries about nature?
  • Is transport safe in your city?
  • Were you a big baby?

We hope you enjoy speaking to improve your English and to get new friends from around the whole world.

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