15 new questions for SUMMER 2022

15 new questions for SUMMER 2022

We understand that sometimes it is hard to know what to talk about with a partner on your Skype call.

Here are 15 questions on what to talk about:

  • Have you ever built a kite?
  • What would you do if your child ran away?
  • Do you eat any strange food?
  • Have you ever got stuck?
  • Have you ever saved an animal?
  • Do you know any really big people?
  • Do you have wild animals near your house?
  • Have you ever run a marathon?
  • Do you like acrobats?
  • How often do you meet sea animals?
  • Have you ever been robbed?
  • Do you like giraffes?
  • Has your ship ever sunk?
  • Are you scared of rats?
  • Can you juggle?

We hope you enjoy speaking to improve your English and to get new friends from around the whole world.

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