17 questions for October 2022

17 questions for October 2022
  • Do you have a lot of immigrants in your country?
  • Have you ever visited Indonesia?
  • Have you ever saved another person?
  • Do you visit the zoo?
  • Did you play with Lego?
  • Do you like dinosaurs?
  • Have you ever been mugged?
  • Have you ever experienced floods?
  • Did you go by bus to school?
  • Do you know anybody who was kidnapped?
  • Have you ever seen a crocodile?
  • What country is your best ally?
  • Do your pets protect you?
  • Have you ever helped an injured animal?
  • Do you have a strong leader in your country?
  • Do you have illegal immigrants in your country?
  • How many twins do you know?

We hope that you will find a lot new friends for daily conversation in English and this project will help you improve your English speaking skills.

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